Frequently Asked Questions

How early do I send my clubs to the course / hotel?

It’s important to make sure that your clubs arrive at their destination at an appropriate time.  We recommend that the optimum time for your clubs to reach their destination is 2 business days prior to your tee off time.

How do I print my delivery label / consignment note?

Once your order has been placed, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. Your shipping label will also be sent (as an attachment) to this address. If your shipment contains more than 1 bag, your email will have a shipping label for each parcel / bag within your order. Simply print each delivery label and attach them to its allocated bag.

Where can I have my clubs picked up from?

It’s understandable that not every golfer’s front door is a suitable location for their clubs to be left unattended. For some golfers, their front door may be exposed to the elements, they may be living in an apartment building, or they simply can’t stand the thought of their precious clubs being unattended in public without them.

The good news is you can order the collection of your clubs anywhere you feel comfortable leaving them. Locations like the office, your golf club or even a friend’s / relative’s house.

We will pick up your clubs from anywhere and have them safely delivered to their destination.

What type of bag do I have?

It’s important to select the correct bag type during the booking process. We have set dimensions for each bag type according to industry averages of their weights and sizes. Shipping labels attached to your bags reflect these dimensions.

Carry / Stand Bag – This bag type is the lightest and smallest to select from. As the name suggests, it can be carried around the course like a backpack. It also stands upright with retractable legs. (Max size: 25cm x 30cm x 127cm x 18kg)

Cart Bag – This bag is slightly larger in size to the Carry / Stand Bag. Typically it has one carry handle and a shoulder strap.  (Max size: 30cm x 38cm x 132cm x 22kg)

Travel Bag – This bag is commonly used by people to protect their bags while travelling.  (Max size: 33cm x 40cm x 135cm x 25kg)

If your bag is larger than a Travel Bag size please contact us for a custom price.

Carry Bag

Cart Bag

Travel Bag

What happens if I select the wrong size bag for my trip?

Don’t panic!  Even if you select the wrong size bag we will still collect and make the delivery, while processing the order all bags are scanned for size.

If a bag exceeds the size and weight limitations specified at the time of the booking, you will be notified by email and the credit card used to make the booking will be debited the amount relative to the excess size and weight of the bag.

How to Safely Pack Your Clubs

There are some very effective ways to pack your clubs to ensure they are safe during their travels.

  • Remove Driver, Wood & Hybrid Heads

Newer models of Drivers, Woods & Hybrids, will have detachable heads. It is advisable that you remove these and pack them safely in the larger pockets of your golf bag, keeping them in their head covers

Please take note of your loft & lie settings before removing heads from shafts so that they can be reattach again in their correct settings

  • Strength in Numbers

Try to place multiple irons / wood shafts in the central dividers of your golf bag when packing. To minimise rattling and movement, we also recommend using elastic bands to secure the clubs together. Once all of your clubs have been bundled together, why not wrap a towel around all of your clubs heads for extra padding?

Prohibited Items

Valet My Clubs has a very strict policy on prohibited items that cannot be packed in bags or luggage. For the full range of prohibited items, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.  

Common examples of prohibited items include, illegal / illicit drugs & medication, tobacco, alcohol, electronics, hazardous materials / waste, live animals, cash / currency, batteries or perishable goods.

Our Logistics Provider

Valet My Clubs has strategically aligned all logistics with TNT. With our industry leading integration, we’re able to seamlessly provide all delivery options including estimated arrival times, shipping duration choices and pricing. With our technology, all of this is offered through a quick quote within seconds.

Do I need a golf specific travel bag?

The simple answer is no.

A golf travel bag basically covers your regular golf bag. We do strongly recommend the use of a golf travel bag for extra protection but also security. They can typically be locked up with one simple padlock / cable tie.

The use of a ‘snug’ fitting box for your regular golf bag would also be appropriate. These can be sourced from most storage facility businesses. Please take note that any box that is used as an alternative to a travel bag, must roughly represent the size of the golf bag inside. The size of your golf bag / parcel has been measured and therefore accounted for on your quote. This size is also represented on your shipping label. Any dramatic changes to the size of your parcel may bring penalty charges after the shipment is completed.

 Sending your golf bag with no case or box is the last resort and is not recommended. If you decided to choose this option, we suggest you secure and reinforce the attached rain hood / cover to your bag. Try to use a form of strong tape (which will not damage the printing, stitching or integrity of your bag) to help avoid it from detaching during transit. We also recommend securing all pockets closed with locks or cable ties. Finally, if you would like to protect your bag from any unlikely scratches during transit, you can wrap your bag with products like plastic / cling wrap or even bubble wrap.

How do I attach the shipping label to my bag?

Using clear sticky tape is the best way to attach your label to any bag or box for successful transit.

Tape MUST NOT cover the barcode on your shipping label as it can effect the scanning process at each check point during transit.

  • Travel Golf Bag

We recommend sticking your shipping label to a firm or plastic part of your golf travel bag. Using tape to stick your shipping label to the bag is best. (Tip. If your are struggling to stick your label to your canvas bag, wrapping a few layers of cling / plastic wrap around one section of your bag provides the perfect surface to then tape the label on. Please see picture below)

  • Box

Simply taping the shipping label to the box in an area that is visible will do the job.

Send my bag to a Hotel or Golf Course?


Sending your bag to the hotel where you are staying would be the most appropriate option. Hotels are very equipped to both signing for packages that arrive throughout all times of the day, as well as store them safely until your arrival.

Golf Course

Sending bags to your Golf Course destination also has its benefits. You won’t need to organise transport for yourself and bag from your hotel to the course.

It is solely the responsibility for the sender of the package to confirm if the destination address are willing to both sign for the package, and keep it safe until their arrival.

Please note that a signature is required for delivery by default, if you would like your bag left without a signature, it must be stated in the delivery instructions during the booking process.

How do I cancel or redirect my bag?

To cancel or redirect your bag, please email your VMC order number and any other details to  Please note that we usually require 24 hours notice to process any cancellations or redirects.